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7 Reasons to Consider Custom Furniture for Your Living Room

by Pam Silvia

While big-box stores present us with convenient options for furnishing our living spaces, they often do not stock furniture that is conducive to both our needs and stylistic tastes. In a more general sense, we tend to settle for what is available so that we can get on with our lives.

But what if we told you that independent furniture dealers, including Colder’s, allow you to design seats, tables, and storage vessels that are customized to meet your practical and aesthetic requirements?

Thanks to custom furniture, you can move your dream living room out of your imagination and into your home! As you consider this investment, check out these 7 benefits of purchasing custom home furniture.

1. You’d have one-of-a-kind furniture.

An underrated pleasure of buying custom furniture for your home is knowing that no other household will have the same exact couch (or cabinet or dresser or coffee table, etc.) that you commissioned to suit your needs and style. In other words, why settle for a mass-produced cookie-cutter piece when you can have something truly special?

With the help of our experts, you can design unique furniture that makes a bold statement (if you have a flair for drama) or that blends into the rest of your carefully selected furnishings (if you find beauty in restraint).

2. You can expect higher quality.

Too often, furniture sourced from big-box stores is not manufactured for the long haul. Since these products are mass-produced, they may not be built with the same level of care as tactful, well-practiced hands. For a living room set that stands the test of time, put your trust in hand-crafted furniture.

With custom home furniture, you can rest assured our craftsmen spent more time assembling your new sofa—in addition to using better-quality materials to do so, ensuring stable construction, reliable performance, and comfort that lasts.

3. Custom furniture can be adapted to your needs.

Maybe you need a customized sectional that can accommodate your entire family for movie nights. Or maybe you have an oddly shaped nook that requires you to alter your armchair—so that you can also fit an end table. Instead of sweating over these scenarios, you can enlist our experts to construct the right furniture for any size-room, regardless of layout.

Beyond personalizing furniture according to your exact taste, you can commission these pieces so that they are adapted to your household’s specific needs, like enhanced home safety as well as considerations for disabilities and allergies.

4. Commissioning custom furniture can save you time.

While there is some waiting involved with ordering custom-made furniture, you will find that this route saves you time compared to browsing options from various brick-and-mortar and online retailers. 

Since shopping for home furniture entails careful deliberation, it could be a long time before you arrive at your final purchase—let alone one that meets all of your personal specifications, including level of comfort, texture, material, color, finish, shape, and size. If you know your list of furniture requirements from the jump, doesn’t it make sense to commission its construction instead of launching yourself into an endless search that might leave you settling for less than what you want?

5. You can expect good value.

Along similar lines as expecting higher quality from custom home furniture, you can also anticipate good value. Instead of letting short-term costs deter you from making this investment, we implore you to think about the long-term benefits it will bring. Due to its sturdier craftsmanship, custom furniture outlasts ready-made pieces, so you can expect to enjoy your commissioned furniture for much longer. 

As for us, we like to imagine our treasured possessions growing with us without falling apart or losing an ounce of plushy comfort. It’s like planting a seed for a future heirloom.

6. You can exercise creativity.

We can’t help but feel excited over the prospect of designing our dream home replete with the perfect furniture pieces. That said, trying to stick to a core color palette while being wary of clashing décor can make interior design a stressful task. Thankfully, custom home furniture enables us to perpetuate our own fantasies, sparing us the hassle of hunting down items that fit the mold of our imaginations.

So, go ahead: Let your creativity run wild as you choose the colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and designs that suit your home best. Custom furniture also poses an opportunity for you to experiment with different styles, especially if you want to abide by an established trend, like minimalist or mid-century modern décor.

7. You’d be supporting local business!

Lastly, when you invest in custom furniture, you are helping sustain a local business. After all, independent businesses are an integral part of a community’s distinctive character—and we can’t think of a better reason to give back.

Not to mention, in a world of undermined retail wages, union busting, and lack of healthcare benefits, overlooking small businesses in favor of the generic big-box allure is something we can no longer afford, especially in this climate. Shopping locally keeps your dollar in your neighborhood, furthering a system that creates more jobs and hires people who have a passion for (and an intimate understanding of) the products that make your world go ’round, like quality furniture.

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