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Finding the Perfect Rug for Your Home

by Judy McAndrews

If you want to freshen up your space easily at a low price, then a rug is the place to start.  Rugs are accessories. They can completely change a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or dining space. They are your “bling” as they can change the colors in a space and instantly make it brighter, homier, or luxurious. This will add a “wow” factor to all your spaces and make them easier to clean.  But how do you choose? How do you know it will work in your space? Here are some frequently asked questions answered so that you can feel confident and excited about your new purchase.

Where do I even begin?

At Colder’s we make the process pretty simple. 

Start with the color - Let’s look at the color of the cushions on your sofa, the fabric on your pillows, and the artwork in your space. Out of these colors which one do you want to emphasize? Which one do you love? 

Imagine the possibilities - From here we can walk around Colder’s and look at options. It’s helpful if you bring either a picture of your space or the piece you want to match the rug to. Come into the store so you can really look at the colors and feel the texture. 


How do I know what rug is best for me and my home? 

This depends on your style and needs. Do you want a statement rug? Something loud and exciting? Then let’s find a fun print. Do you want something cozy that will warm up your space? Then let's look at high pile rugs! If you don't know your style that is just fine too! We will discover it together.

Think about your home - Is your current rug victim to spills (maybe because of kiddos, furry friends, or your clumsy friends on wine night). You want your space to be somewhere that you can live worry free. Some rugs don't do well with spills, but others hide them perfectly. Texture is great at hiding life’s happenings! Mention this at Colder’s and we will show you all our beautiful textured rugs.

Sizing - Rug sizing is very important and we are happy to help you with it! It is helpful if you have measurements of the space you plan to put the rug before coming into the store. It’s a common misconception that rugs should sit under your furniture. While rugs can live under your furniture, they can also live in front of furniture. Check out these helpful images of sizing options for living room, dining room, and bedroom. Click here for even more sizing information.

How do I take care of my rug? 

Rotate your rug! An older person taught me this one. Your rug is placed in an area where there will be quite a bit of foot traffic. By taking the time to rotate your rug every few months you are giving it a good as new look and an even wear.

Fraying edges? If you are worried about all the traffic in your home, consider a rug that has a tied edge with yarn as they are very forgiving. This will help in addition to rotating your rug!

Hardwood floors? If you are putting your rug on a hardwood floor, make sure you use a felt pad underneath it to protect your floor. The back side of the rug can scratch your precious hardwood floors. 

Carpet? You can put a rug on carpet, especially if you are trying to hide stains. However, if you are putting your rug in a space with a fresh, clean carpeting, the rug could create an outline of new vs worn. This outline makes it difficult to re-arrange a room without hiring a carpet cleaner. 

Shaking or Vaccuuming? We recommend using the highest bar for vacuuming. If your rug is high pile, you do not need to vacuum as often.  Shaking it out is a great option if you have the space to do so!

Buy two! A rug is like your favorite pair of shoes. If you wear them every day for five years, they are going to get worn down. Rugs are home to a space where your friends and family will create so many memories. Like your favorite shoes, someday they need to be replaced. If you absolutely love your rug, buy two of them! This way you can keep a spare in the closet when the original is worn out of beautiful memories.

Are you ready for a new rug?

Come into Colder’s and we will make it happen. We are so excited to help you accessorize your space in a way that is perfect for you.