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8 Modern Appliances Your Home Craves

by Colder’s Appliance

A man enjoying a cup of coffee aside the LG LRYKC2606S InstaView French door refrigerator

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Hallmarks of Modern Appliances

Smart Appliances

Popular Modern Appliance Brands

8 Modern Appliances by Category

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Modern appliances are all about incorporating innovative technology with beautiful designs to create appliances that make life more convenient. They zero in on saving you time, conserving energy, and creating solutions to your most common problems on chore day. If you’ve been searching for kitchen or laundry appliances that prioritize beautiful form and efficient function, then you’ll want to keep reading.

In this appliance guide, we’ll discuss what sets modern appliances apart, explain the pros of smart appliances, and share more about the most popular modern appliance brands. Then, we’ll recommend eight modern appliances from Colder’s for your kitchen and laundry room.

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Hallmarks of Modern Appliances

Modern kitchen appliances combine technology, appealing aesthetics, and a long list of bonus features to make household activities more convenient and energy-efficient. There are many examples of must-have appliance features in the following list, and this is only scratching the surface. As you research each appliance, pay attention to what unique features it has, and which ones are most important to you.

✔ Innovative Technology: Technology is what truly sets apart a modern appliance. Take induction cooktops and ranges, for example. They’re an alternative to gas and electric that provide more temperature control and a safer cooking experience. When it comes to the laundry room, a modern dryer may feature sensor technology that will stop a load when it’s dry, even if there’s more time left on your timer. For food preservation, modern refrigerators and freezers feature cutting-edge cooling systems to keep your ingredients fresh and free from freezer burn.

 A graphic showing the benefits of induction cooking

✔ Sleek Finishes: Stylish home appliances boast sleek finishes like pro-style handles and gleaming stainless steel finishes. The most popular colors for trendy home appliances are stainless steel and black stainless steel. Stainless steel is by far the most common finish, but black stainless steel is a sophisticated alternative. Black is a staple of modern design and gives off an effortlessly elegant vibe. Beware, though, if you choose black stainless steel, it is much harder to mix brands because each brand has a slightly different interpretation of black.

✔ Timesaving & Convenient Features: When it comes to modern home appliances, there are a whole slew of features that can save you time on chore day. For example, modern washers may feature a detergent dispenser that can be filled in bulk for dozens of washes. Modern washers also allow you to tumble dry loads to keep them fresh until you’re ready to transfer them to the dryer.

✔ Bonus or Unique Features: Innovative appliances may surprise you with their unique, added features. A simple but unique feature in some modern dishwashers is a third tier that features a flat tray for utensils and silverware. Induction ranges and many modern microwaves feature air fryer and convection cooking that produces crispier, more evenly cooked results.

✔ Energy Efficiency: Many of the latest kitchen appliances prioritize energy efficiency, so keep a lookout for the ENERGY STAR blue star. This can conserve energy and help you save money on your utility bills. Remember, though, that there’s no ENERGY STAR label for ovens, ranges, or microwaves.

✔ Smart Features: Smart features allow you to connect your appliances to Wi-Fi, help with troubleshooting any problems, and allow you to perform basic tasks remotely (we’ll cover this more in the next section). For many shoppers, smart features are a must-have for the newest kitchen appliances.

Smart Appliances

A graphic ad featuring Samsung smart appliances

Many modern appliances allow you to connect your appliance to Wi-Fi and download an app to your device to allow you to perform remote tasks, like checking the status of your laundry cycle or starting your washer or dryer from anywhere. Here a few of the most popular examples of smart appliance features.

  • Smart washers and dryers can connect so that when you transfer your clothes from washer to dryer, your dryer can automatically suggest the best load settings based on what you just washed.
  • You can remotely adjust your oven or refrigerator temperature when you connect each smart appliance to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Additionally, you can receive alerts and troubleshoot appliance issues using your app. For example, you’ll receive alerts when it’s time to put your washer through a washing cycle to keep it working well or an alert if your dryer’s lint filter is clogged.

Keep in mind, it’s always best to outfit your home with smart appliances from the same brand. This will allow you to download a single app to control all your smart appliances as opposed to several different brand apps. One way to ensure a streamlined experience is to opt for a smart kitchen appliance package.

Popular Modern Appliance Brands

KitchenAid, LG, Samsung, Electrolux, and Frigidaire Professional are some of the most popular modern appliance brands on the market. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) in 2022, LG was the preferred brand for dryers, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers as well as ranking as the top brand overall. On the other hand, Whirlpool was rated best for microwaves. Overall, there’s a large selection to choose from, so let’s help narrow down the choices with these eight picks.

8 Modern Appliances by Category

Keep reading to see our eight favorite picks for a modern refrigerator, dishwasher, range, cooktop, microwave, wall oven, washer, and dryer from Colder’s. What features are at the top of your list for must have modern kitchen appliances?

✔ Recommended Modern Refrigerator: KitchenAid 25.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

 Front view of the KitchenAid KRMF706ESS French door refrigerator

Shop This KitchenAid Modern Refrigerator

This modern refrigerator from KitchenAid is stunning with its pro style handles and ample storage space. French door refrigerators with bottom freezers are one of the most popular modern refrigerator styles, and this model features unique middle drawers for optimized storage. The left drawer features five preset temperatures for specialty items like meat/fish, drinks, or greens/herbs, while the right drawer is ideal for produce. You won’t have to dig for your frozen items with this 3-tier freezer drawer with a storage divider. It’s an ideal package of convenience and style modern homeowners will get a lot of value out of.


Featured KitchenAid KRMF706ESS review: “KitchenAid certainly makes very beautiful and useful appliances, and their workmanship is outstanding! We recently purchased a KitchenAid fridge model # KRMF706ESS after many years of using Whirlpool appliances. We are extremely pleased with our KitchenAid purchase and would highly recommend it to everyone!”

✔ Recommended Modern Dishwasher: LG Black Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

 Front view of the LG LDPH7972D dishwasher

Shop This LG Modern Dishwasher

This modern dishwasher from LG is simple on the outside and well-organized on the inside. The interior is made of durable stainless steel as opposed to the plastic interior of many dishwashers. We love the adjustable third rack that is perfect for silverware and other cooking tools like spatulas and whisks ideal for the number of kitchen gadgets today’s home cooks use every day.

You can manage this smart dishwasher with LG’s ThinQ app and start your dishwasher from anywhere—a major flex smart home lovers will enjoy adding to the kitchen.

✔ Recommended Modern Range: Electrolux 30” Stainless Steel Pro Style Gas Range

 Front view of the Electrolux ECFG3068AS 30” gas range

Shop This Electrolux Modern Range

This modern range from Electrolux can fuel your culinary journey and empower you to create delicious results with true convection cooking in the oven. This modern stove features two dual brass power burners that give you superior temperature control, which is a favorite of those who prefer cooking with gas. A central oval burner allows you to use a griddle to cook all your favorites. In the oven, you can choose from 7 cooking modes whether you need to bake, convection bake, roast, convection roast, broil, proof, or keep warm. You’re in control with this innovative modern range.

Featured Electrolux ECFG3068AS review: “Every square inch of this range is engineered and built for function…If you're serious about cooking there is no better option than this gas range in the 30" class. You can spend twice as much on other brands and actually get less!”

✔ Recommended Modern Cooktop: Samsung 30” Stainless Steel Induction Cooktop

 Overhead view of the Samsung NZ30K7880US 30” induction cooktop

Shop This Samsung Modern Cooktop

This modern induction cooktop from Samsung utilizes an electromagnetic current that directly heats your cookware, which yields more evenly cooked results and allows you to effortlessly transition from a boil to a simmer. A separate cooktop allows you to customize your kitchen layout and even place your cooktop on your island, if you’d like.

This smart cooktop comes with a list of innovative technology features from a power boost option that boils water faster to Bluetooth connectivity that syncs fans and lights with your cooktop burners. Since your magnetic cookware activates the heat with an induction cooktop, you can safely use the Flex Zone for your largest, smallest, or uniquely shaped pots.

Featured Samsung NZ30K7880US review: “Purchased the Samsung NZ30k7880 induction cooktop to replace a KitchenAid that failed to work. My wife and family love the new Smart features and the clean features of the new cooktop that you can operate without the need for any knobs. The virtual flame is a ingenious ideal to let you know the element is on.”

✔ Recommended Modern Microwave: Galanz 1.2 Cu. Ft. Black ToastWave Microwave True Convection Air Fry

 Front view of the Galanz GTWHG12BKSA10 ToastWave microwave

Shop This Galanz Modern Microwave

This modern microwave from Galanz is the complete package with a sleek, futuristic aesthetic. Far from just punching in a few numbers to reheat your food, this modern microwave boasts four microwave functions, as well as eight toaster oven functions. Sensor technology reheats your food to the right temperature while the toaster oven features allow you to make small batches of crispy, delicious food. A traditional microwave is a bit of a one-trick pony while this Galanz microwave comes with an arsenal of options you can incorporate into your cooking routine.

Learn More: Speed Oven vs Microwave: What’s the Difference

✔ Recommended Modern Wall Oven: Frigidaire Professional 30” Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel Single Electric Wall Oven

 Front view of the Frigidaire Professional PCWS3080AF electric oven

Shop This Frigidaire Professional Modern Oven

This modern wall oven from Frigidaire Professional’s cutting edge line of pro-style appliances is a great choice for a kitchen layout that utilizes a wall oven. You can achieve a more streamlined aesthetic with a wall oven and easily incorporate a double oven if you’re an avid home chef. With this wall oven, your food will come out crispier and more evenly cooked with total convection. Think: crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. You don’t have to wait anymore to get started with the innovative no preheat feature, and you can create healthier versions of your favorite dishes with the Air Fry mode.

✔ Recommended Modern Washer: LG 5.2 Cu. Ft. Black Steel Front Load Washer

 Front view of the LG WM8900HBA front load washer

Shop This LG Modern Washer

This modern washing machine from LG is a large capacity front loader with a durable stainless steel tub. It connects to the ThinQ app, so you can start and monitor loads remotely. Your washer can auto-select a compatible drying cycle with a paired smart dryer, so you don’t even have to think about it. When it comes to laundry, everyone is looking for convenience, and it doesn’t get much better than completing big loads of laundry in 30 minutes with the TurboWash feature. This ENERGY STAR certified washer also features ColdWash technology that cleans your fabrics with warm water performance but cold water savings.

Featured LG WM8900HBA review: “This washing machine is outstanding. It cleans the clothes very well and I am completely satisfied with it. I would Definitely buy another LG.”

✔ Recommended Modern Dryer: Electrolux 8.0 Cu. Ft. Titanium Electric Dryer

 Front view of the Electrolux ELFE7637AT electric dryer

Shop This Electrolux Modern Dryer

This modern dryer from Electrolux helps solve three of the biggest dryer drawbacks: high energy use, over-drying, and wear and tear on clothes.Predictive Dry technology calculates an accurate drying time and resets your timer accordingly, to conserve energy and prevent fabric damage from heat exposure and other damaging effects of dryers. Balanced Dry eliminates temperature spikes and keeps your clothes cooler, thus preventing shrinkage or wear and tear on your clothes. This modern dryer helps you dry your clothes in less time, using less energy, for better results.

Featured Electrolux ELFE7637AT review: Electrolux dryer functions extremely well & has ample room extra large loads. There are plenty of settings to cover all types of loads & the dry sensor with instant refresh works well. While we opted not to utilize steam function the dryer performance meets our expectations & requirements.”

Modern appliances make life easier. Convenience, technology, and sleek style come together to create the best appliances available on the market. Brands like LG, Samsung, and Electrolux have developed innovative technology features to address common pain points in cooking and cleaning. If you’ve been looking for a modern refrigerator, washer, or cooktop, you can find an incredible selection of the latest modern kitchen appliances at Colder’s in Milwaukee.

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