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6 Best Products from LG on the Market Now

by Olly Mason

Woman pouring detergent into an LG front load washer

LG invites appliance shoppers to reimagine how household tasks are done with a series of groundbreaking products that rethink how to cook, clean, and preserve food. LG appliances are known for pushing the envelope on performance and style, making the brand one of the biggest names in home appliances across the globe.

Let’s take a look inside the brand with a complete guide on LG appliances, where you’ll get an in-depth review of the brand’s most popular products. Along the way, we’ll fill you in on the hottest features from LG refrigerators, cooktops, ranges, wall ovens, dishwashers, and laundry appliances, plus a look into pricing, and an expert review of one product from each category.

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About LG Appliances

LG Refrigeration

LG Cooktops

LG Ranges

LG Wall Ovens

LG Dishwashers

LG Laundry Appliances


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About LG Appliances

Since 1958, LG has been changing the game of home electronics with exciting products that let everyday users do more at home. With technology at the foundation of LG’s history, it’s no surprise that appliances from LG are tech-forward with matching, modern designs that point toward the future of the home. To date, LG is one of the biggest foreign brands with a massive catalog of home appliances that include refrigerators, cooktops, ranges, wall ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and much more.

Shoppers who are looking to transition from value appliance brands like Whirlpool and Frigidaire to a reliable mid-end appliance brand can upgrade to LG appliances. With the move up in price range, buyers gain access to exclusive features and distinct appliance designs designed for high performance and efficiency.

🗸Pro Tip: In this guide, we’re going over LG’s core appliance line. To discover even more from the brand, explore LG Studio, LG Signature, and Signature Kitchen Suite brands!

Are LG Appliances Reliable?

Instead of answering whether LG appliances are reliable, we’ll let the actual users do the talking. According to a recent  J.D. Power Appliance Satisfaction Study, LG placed top in the rankings for customer satisfaction in every category except for dryers. So, while you will pay more for LG products versus budget appliance brands, you get better performance and enhanced user experiences that make everyday household jobs easier.

Explore LG Appliances

LG Refrigeration

Speaking of value, did you know LG has the largest capacity French door refrigerators and bottom freezer refrigerators in its class? In all, the LG refrigerator lineup provides 10.1 to a whopping 30 cubic feet of food storage capacity to fit the needs of apartments to full-size households.

All core LG refrigerators are freestanding with classic styles like French door refrigerators with three or four doors, side-by-side refrigerators, bottom freezer fridges, and traditional top freezer refrigerators.

LG apartment refrigerators range between 24” and 28”, while LG full-size refrigerators come in 30” 33” and 36” models. Prices for LG refrigerators start at $650 and go up to $4,700 for their most premium refrigerator model.

Best LG Refrigerator Features:

  • Door-in-Door: This door nestled within another door lets you access your common snacks and foods without having to open the fridge compartment and letting cold air escape.
  • InstaView: Exclusive to LG, this feature provides a view of contents inside a Door-in-Door without ever opening a door — just knock twice!
  • Door Cooling+: Cooling jets strategically placed along the side door panel help cool down the inside a refrigerator compartment up to 35 percent faster, providing more even temperatures throughout.
  • Craft Ice: Skip the special ice molds. With Craft Ice, you can have slow-melting ice spheres at the ready for your cocktail or favorite beverages.
  • Full-Convert Drawer: Feel free to mix it up with this drawer that can be programmed to settings from chill to freezing across a total of five different temperature modes.

Recommended: LG 22.5 Cu. Ft. PrintProof™ Stainless Steel Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of LG LRMVC2306S French door refrigerator

What does a 4.5 user rating from an LG refrigerator equate to? If it’s this LG French door fridge with four doors, a Door-in-Door feature, and InstaView technology, it equates to a lot of function. Intelligently designed for maximum food capacity inside 23 cubic feet of storage, including a Full-Convert drawer with flexible temperature settings, this mid-end refrigerator handles food hauls like a champ.

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LG Cooktops

Where LG goes more conservative is with its line of cooktops. With just a few gas and ceramic electric cooktops to select from, this collection isn’t as diverse as others from LG, but the brand still manages to shine here. Take the LG 36” electric cooktop. When compared to other electric cooktops in its class, this model scored at the top of its class, according to a recent review from Consumer Reports.

LG cooktops come in standard 30” and 36” widths designed for the common kitchen. Prices for LG cooktops range from $1,100 to $1,600, depending on size and fuel type.

Best LG Cooktop Features:

  • SuperBoil: With 17,000 BTUs of heat output, LG gas SuperBoil gas burners offer some of the most power in their class.
  • SmoothTouch Controls: Digital controls built right into the cooktop surface provide a clean presentation and intuitive use.
  • Adjustable Heating Elements: LG electric cooktops feature adjustable heating elements that can accommodate cookware from small to large on a single cooking zone.

Sealed Burners:

Recommended: LG 36" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Overhead view of LG 36” gas cooktop model

The simple setup of this LG gas cooktop still gets a commendable 4 stars from its users. Buyers give kudos to the smart grate design with five-spaced burners that provide a cooking setup that isn’t crowded. Complete with a powerful SuperBoil burner, this cooktop is great for everyday cooking.

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LG Ranges

Some of the best features LG has to offer come from its suite of ranges. LG exclusively manufactures 30” ranges, which come available in gas, electric, and dual fuel power options. While these ranges are limited to 30” kitchen cutouts, LG ranges provide the most range oven capacity in its class, with anywhere between 5.4 and 6.9 cubic feet of baking capacity, a major value if you’re looking for the maximum cooking space with limited kitchen square footage. For the ultimate in function, buyers can upgrade to an LG double oven range for mealtime multitasking made easier.

Range styles LG offers include freestanding and slide-in models. A handful of LG ranges have rear knob controls, but most feature front controls for a modern look that accentuates the sleek design of these ranges. LG ranges are priced between $850 and $3,700, making them a good choice for buyers on the high end of smaller budgets or shoppers looking for an alternative to a premium range.

Best LG Range Features:

  • ProBake Convection: LG redefines convection baking with a special fan design located at the back of the oven, providing better heat circulation and increasing oven capacity.
  • UltraHeat Burner: With 20,000 BTUs, LG gas ranges with UltraHeat burners deliver near-commercial-grade performance for quick boils and solid sears.
  • Air Fry: Enjoy more of your fried favorites without the guilt by using the Air Fry setting inside LG’s large-capacity range ovens.
  • Air Sous-Vide: Even, low heat settings replicate the accurate cooking of an immersion cooker without having to use water or special equipment.
  • EasyClean: Save your elbows by using the EasyClean feature that uses just water and low-heat settings to effectively break down oven messes in as little as 10 minutes.
  • InstaView: Like LG refrigerators, two knocks LG ranges with InstaView lets users check the progress of meals without opening the oven door and releasing hot air.

Recommended: LG 30" Print Proof Stainless Steel Slide-In Electric Range

Front view of LG 30” electric range

Over 16,200 users rate this LG electric range a best-buy that’s loaded with great features. Highlights include maximum oven capacity at 6.3 cubic feet with powerful cooking modes like ProBake Convection and Air Fry that let you do more than just bake. And with LG ThinQ, this smart range can perform neat tricks like Scan-to-cook, which sets the oven to the proper settings by scanning the barcode from your favorite frozen foods.

The sleek slide-in design is accentuated by front-control knobs and a ceramic glass cooktop with four burners, including LG’s 3-in-1 heating element for cookware between six and 12 inches.

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LG Wall Ovens

LG wall ovens are designed for simple use with large capacities that let you cook more at once. The selection is a little sparse, but each LG wall oven comes with 4.7 cubic feet of capacity per oven for up to 9.4 cubic feet of oven space on LG double wall oven sets. Inside, you’ll note LG’s Brilliant Blue interior for a touch of high-end style.

Best LG Wall Oven Features:

  • True Convection Baking: A total of three heating elements and a powerful fan means every level inside the oven is evenly heated. No more rotating sheet pans!
  • Convection Conversion: Because convection cooks faster, temperature settings and cook times need to be adjusted. LG’s convection conversion crunches the numbers for you for results you can expect with no surprises.

Recommended: LG 30" Stainless Steel Electric Built-In Single Oven

Front view of LG 30” single electric wall oven

Whether your kitchen has a cooktop or you choose to pair this LG wall oven with an LG cooktop, 95 percent of buyers recommend going for it! Between its easy cleanup, quick heating, and fast convection cooking, this 30” large-capacity wall oven provides all the essentials to explore new culinary territories.

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LG Dishwashers

Quiet and sleek, both in design and performance, LG dishwashers are workhorses made to make cleanup look stylish. LG takes the modern approach with its dishwashers with stainless steel, black stainless steel, and smooth black dishwasher finishes, with the option between top control and front control buttons.  If you’re going for a fully integrated look in your kitchen, explore LG dishwashers with pocket handles, or keep it traditional with an LG dishwasher with a bar handle.

LG dishwashers are some of the quietest in their class, with noise ratings between 42 and 48 decibels. Yet with powerful features, these high-performance dishwashers get the job done with impressive results. Explore LG dishwashers as low as $800 with premium LG dishwashers priced up to $1,300.

Best LG Dishwasher Features:

  • QuadWash System: A one-of-a-kind wash system with four spray arms and multi-directional motion to target every square inch inside the dishwasher.
  • Dynamic Dry with TrueSteam: LG dishwashers with TrueSteam break down stubborn food messes with ultra-hot vapor for dishes to leave dishes with 60 percent fewer water spots and specks.
  • Inverter Direct Drive: LG’S redesigned dishwasher motor with fewer parts runs more efficiently, quietly, and lasts longer than conventional dishwasher belts.
  • EasyRack Plus System: Make room for bulk bowls and tall carafes all in a single cycle with three height-adjustable levels.
  • SenseClean Wash System: A smart soil sensor detects how dirty each dish cycle’s run is, adjusting time and temperature for better results.

Recommended: LG 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

Front view of LG stacked washer and dryer

Washing dishes just might not be so bad after all — at least, that’s what over 12,600 buyers suggest by giving this LG dishwasher a 4.3-star rating. But with 15 place settings, adjustable dish racks, a third rack, and powerful wash technology, it’s no wonder this ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher provides amazing results. Altogether, QuadWash, TrueSteam, and a nearly silent 42-dBA noise rating make this smart dishwasher a powerful addition to any kitchen.

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LG Washers & Dryers

Capacity and performance: Two words that summarize why LG washers and dryers are considered elite appliances in their class. Aside from compact washers and dryers or LG washer/dryer combos, LG full-size washers and dryers offer nearly unrivaled capacities, so you can wash and dry less.

LG washer capacities range between 4.5 and 5.5 cubic feet of tub space, or easily enough for a household of five (or even more). LG dryers come in at a whopping 7.3 to 9.0 cubic feet of drum capacity, or enough to dry king-size bedding set at once.

Buyers can choose from a variety of laundry appliances from LG, whether it’s a top load with an agitator or an impeller, or front load washers and dryers. For smaller laundry needs, LG also provides dryers washer/dryer combos and LG SideKick pedestal washers that can be paired with front load washers for an additional cubic foot of wash space for smaller loads.

LG washers range between $850 and $2,000, while LG dryers start at $850 and go up to $2,050, depending on the fuel source.

Best LG Washer & Dryer Features:

  • TurboWash: TurboWash 360 on LG front load washers and TurboWash 3D on LG top load washing machines use enhanced agitation and for better results, all while using up to 15 percent less energy and up to 40 percent less water.
  • 6Motion Wash Technology: This LG exclusive washer feature goes beyond basic agitation. With the ability to roll, step, swing, scrub, filter, and tumble, garments get next-level cleaning.
  • EasyLoad: This unique dryer door opens two ways: by dropping down or swinging out. This gives users to catch clothes that drop and the flexibility to use LG dryers with EasyLoad doors in more spaces.
  • TurboSteam: Gentle steam unlocks set-in stains and wrinkles in as fast as 10 minutes.
  • Sensor Dry Technology: To protect clothes from over-drying, LG’s Sensor Dry monitors moisture levels and shuts off the heat once clothes are dry.
  • Washer/Dryer Pairing: LG smart washers and dryers can be programmed to automatically select laundry cycles based on the type of wash.

Recommended: LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. Washer, 7.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer Black Steel Front Load Stack Laundry

Front view of LG stacked washer and dryer

One of the hottest new appliances from LG is the LG WashTower, like this model in black steel with a 4.6-star rating. With a space-saving design and premium features, this LG washer and dryer set is a smart choice for households that want to save on floorspace. Perks include extra-large washer and dryer capacities and a convenient center panel control, plus TurboWash 360 and AI fabric sensors for premium fabric care from wash to dry.

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If you’re in the market for a brand that isn’t afraid to think outside of the box, LG appliances are one of the best examples in the industry. We love how LG merges imagination with function to create simplified user experiences that thoughtfully solve household problems. Overall, be prepared to pay more for LG appliances, but with real buyers confirming their satisfaction with these products, you can rest assured these products were designed with users in mind. 

FAQs about LG Appliances

Here are a few more factors to consider before purchasing an LG appliance.

Where are LG appliances manufactured?

While LG is a South Korean brand, most of LG’s appliances for U.S. consumers are manufactured in their Tennessee plant, along with other plants in South Korea and China.

Does LG make high-end appliances?

Along with LG’s core appliance line, the brand also manufactures LG Studio and LG Signature lines with upgraded features, as well as Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, LG’s premium luxury appliance line.

Are Samsung and LG appliances the same?

Despite both being South Korean brands, LG and Samsung are two entirely different brands.

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