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6 Luxurious Gas Cooktops on the Market

by Angela Maple

Man cooking meal in pot on gas cooktop

At a Glance:

What Are Gas Cooktops?

What is the Difference Between a Range and a Cooktop?

6 Best Luxury Gas Cooktops

What to Look for in a Gas Cooktop

Why Trust Us?

Consider a gas cooktop if you value power and precision when selecting kitchen appliances. A cooktop uses less room than a kitchen range, allowing you to sauté or boil your way to a tasty meal. Gas cooktops are suitable for experienced cooks who wish to swiftly manage and change the heat's intensity because they are often more powerful and give instant and customizable heat.

If gas cooktops have caught your attention, our Colder's team has found six of our best gas cooktops for every household, lifestyle, and price range, and we'll also give you the 4-1-1 on everything you need to know about these cooktop types.

Explore Gas Cooktop Styles at Colder's

Gas Cooktop

What Are Gas Cooktops?

Natural gas, liquid propane (LP), or electricity can all be used to power cooktops. The quantity of heat produced changes nearly instantly when the knob for a gas burner is turned. There is no waiting period when an element heats up. Similarly, the pot stops receiving heat when the flame is extinguished. On the other hand, an electric burner needs more time to heat up and cool down.

Although smaller and larger sizes are also available, cooktops are typically 30 inches or 36 inches wide. Four heating elements are typically found in most 30-inch versions. Burners generally are more numerous on larger cooktop types. This enables you to prepare food in many pans and eases congestion when using big pots.

In order to have greater versatility with the equipment, think about an integrated style of a stovetop. Certain cooktop models come with a built-in or insertable grill, griddle, or wok stand accessories.

Pros of a Gas Cooktop

Take into account your budget, cooking tastes, and cookware when selecting a 36 inch gas cooktop. Certain pan types operate better on some cooktops than others. Similar to cooktops, some are better suited for homes with curious children or pets. Here are four reasons to consider a gas cooktop.

✅  Flames are created by natural gas or liquid propane to heat pans for even cooking.

✅  Many cooks prefer gas cooktops because they alter temperatures quickly. With a distinct appearance in the size and color of the flame, a gas flame may produce a wide range of heat settings.

✅  Almost any style of cookware can be used, including beloved pots with minor warping.

✅  See if a gas cooktop can be easily fitted if your home has electric heating. You might need to add one if a gas line isn't already run to your home.

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What is the Difference Between a Range and a Cooktop?

A range combines an oven and a cooktop. The oven is underneath, while the cooktop is on top of the appliance. A range can be freestanding or fitted in the space between cabinets. As a cooktop does not have an oven; it must be mounted on a countertop.

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6 Best Luxury Gas Cooktops

Our appliance specialists at Colder's have put together a list of some of our customer's favorite gas cooktops so you can make delectable dishes now and in the future.

Best Kitchenaid 36 Gas Cooktop

KitchenAid® 36'' Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

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Give your budding chef the tools they need with this KitchenAid gas cooktop, which features a heat-resistant, low-maintenance CookShield finish and multi-finish back-lit knobs for a stylish display as they experiment with new recipes and flavors. Improve your culinary skills by preparing delectable meals on powerful, Even-Heat simmer and Multiflame burners with a cooking capability of 5K and 19K BTUs for flavorful caramelized, seared, and sautéed dishes. Use the removable griddle to experiment with new meals and recipes for your distinctive crepes or that craved four-cheese sandwich.

What Customers are Saying: "Bought this 4 months ago to complete my KitchenAid kitchen (all appliances now KA). Cooktop is great, looks good and is a great replacement."

Best Maytag Gas Cooktop

Maytag® 30" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

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If you and your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then your cooking space can get pretty messy, which can be exhausting day after day. You will love this Maytag gas cooktop if you want a family-friendly cooktop that can handle messes. Crafted with heavy-duty DuraClean edge-to-edge grates and dishwasher-safe knobs, cleaning up splatters and spills will be a breeze. Seal the flavor and tenderness of your main dishes with the 15K BTU Power burner while simmering your delicious glaze on the simmer burner that has an adjustable heat between 800 to 5,000 BTUs for a full-power low heat or warming setting to keep your dishes warm until everyone is ready to eat.

What Customers are Saying: "We bought Maytag cooktop for a month and we love that it has total 4 burners in that 2 are large burners which eases us to cook dishes at once. We are really happy with the most cost effective and low maintenance cooktop. I strongly recommend this product and glad that we have this at our house."

Best Frigidaire Gallery Gas Cooktop: Frigidaire Gallery® 30" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire Gallery® 30" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

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Feel like you are cooking with your favorite Food Network chef on this versatile five-burner gas cooktop from Frigidaire Gallery. You'll get maximum cooking performance out of the 18K, 12K, 5K, and  9,500 BTU recessed burners that offer the most accurate flame control with the angled Express-Select front controls so you can sear, grill, or simmer your meats, veggies, confections, and more. If cooking has always been a messy activity, this Frigidaire Gallery gas cooktop will make cooking a cleaner process with its dishwasher-safe edge-to-edge cast iron grates, SpillSafe surface, durable stainless steel finish, and seamless recessed burners that makes cleanup that much easier.

What Customers are Saying: "I really enjoy cooking on my Frigidaire Gallery Gas cooktop. The knobs control the height of the flame perfectly! The grates remove easily for any clean up. I would highly recommend this cooktop for any kitchen!"

Best Electrolux Gas Cooktop: Electrolux 36" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Electrolux 36" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

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Going above and beyond to improve its customers' lives, this Electrolux gas cooktop is no exception. Designed with continuous grates, LED back-lit knobs, five burners, and a flexible brass power burner, you can explore your culinary creativity using rapid boil or bare simmer to make sauces or homemade mashed potatoes. This sleekly designed cooktop will be the focal point of your kitchen, and if you like to make sweet or savory crepes or homemade chocolate, you'll love the griddle and melt cap accessory features.

What Customers are Saying: "I'm so happy with my new Electrolux Gas Cooktop! It boils so fast and cooks so evenly! It's also a breeze to clean! It's the best cooktop I've ever had!"

Best Kitchenaid Gas Cooktop with Downdraft: KitchenAid® 36" Stainless Steel Gas Downdraft Cooktop

KitchenAid® 36" Stainless Steel Gas Downdraft Cooktop

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With this KitchenAid gas cooktop, you can prepare all the flavorful meals you want without worrying about the lingering scents. Make all the grilled and fried fish and chicken you want on this 36" gas cooktop with downdraft. It features an integrated ventilation system with a 3-speed fan control and a 30-CFM exhaust rate to filter out all the smoke and aromas while recirculating fresh air into the kitchen. And if lighting your gas cooktop has been a struggle, you'll love the reliable electronic ignition and automatic re-ignition that'll light your burners with an electric spark rather than a pilot light. This cooktop also features professional 15K and 17K BTU burners, a 5K BTU Even-Heat simmer burner, and two other burners that can simmer, broil, and sauté all your broccoli, potatoes, and sauces.

What Customers are Saying: "We purchased the 36" KitchenAid downdraft cooktop about one month ago. We love it and it's very professional. We love the solid grates and the varied burner btu ratings from 5,000 btu's up to 17,500 btu's. It's beautiful and Abt did a great job on the installation. The downdraft fan works great, is quiet, and doesn't allow a draft to come through when not using it. This cool top is major league!"

Best Frigidaire Professional Gas Cooktop: Frigidaire Professional® 36'' Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire Professional® 36'' Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Shop Now

For a clean and contemporary design, furnish your kitchen with a gas cooktop from the Frigidaire Professional series. Boiling, searing, or sautéing? Use the PowerPlus burner's unmatched power to get the job done with 18,200 BTUs of high-intense flames. This stainless steel cooktop's durable, continuous grates are easy to clean and allow you to slide heavy pots and pans across the burners with no problem. Control the intensity of the flames with the PrecisionPro controls so you can sear, broil, or simmer with the right amount of heat.

What Customers are Saying: "This cook top is much better than the older model. Since the knob controls are on the front, you can fit pans easier because there is more room. The knobs are made of metal and not plastic. This truly a cook top if you love to cook."

What to Look for in a Gas Cooktop

If gas cooktops have won your heart, here are a few things to consider before swiping your card.

Dimensions and Installation Requirements

The width of a gas cooktop can be either 30 or 36 inches. For any gas cooktop you're considering buying, you should examine the actual product measurements as well as the installation cut-out size because these dimensions can vary slightly. Due to the cooktop's edges overlapping the countertop, the cut-out size will never exactly match the cooktop's measurements.

But you should always check the manufacturer's specs for your specific cooktop type before installation. Cooktops typically need one to two feet of clearance on either side of the appliance and 30 inches between the cooktop and overhead cabinetry.


A gas cooktop typically has four burners. Yet, you'll also frequently encounter 30-inch and 36-inch models with five-burner cooktops. Struggling to determine if you require a second burner? Think about how often you make multiple dishes on the burner. A four-burner cooktop can be all you need if you only frequently use one or two pots and pans at once. But a gas cooktop with five burners is more appropriate if you routinely prepare more complicated meals with multiple pots and pans at once. As five-burner cooktops sometimes contain a low-power melt or simmer burner, having more burners can also provide you with a broader range of BTU.

Power Levels

Gas cooktops deliver instantaneous, controllable heat and are often more powerful and precise. They are, therefore, perfect for seasoned cooks who need quick control and adjustment of the heat level. Remember that not every gas cooktop is built with the same amount of power at its peak. To determine whether a cooktop will fulfill your needs for high-heat cooking, look for the burner with the maximum power. Most gas cooktops contain at least one power burner with 15,000 BTUs, but those with two burners in the professional style will have even more heating capacity.

Safety Features

While looking for a gas cooktop, there are a lot of safety considerations to take into account. Another useful safety feature to look for is push-to-turn knobs, which prevent you from unintentionally turning on a burner. However, manufacturers frequently omit this feature from product lists, so you might need to check the related user manual to be sure a model has it.

Pilotless ignition, also known as electronic ignition, eliminates the need for a standing pilot light in high-end gas cooktops. Flame failure protection shuts off the gas that powers the device if the flame goes out.

We understand if you want to cook with gas. It is easier to judge the heat, get a sensation of it, and swiftly change from a high setting to a low one with the aid of the flame. Also, a 36" gas cooktop will provide you with the heat and room you need with additional cooking space and burners if you frequently prepare large family meals, whether for the holidays or dinner. Don't forget to visit Colder's for its extensive selection of kitchen appliances, including gas cooktops and more if you are ready for a culinary upgrade!

Why Trust Colder's?

Since 1942, we at Colder's pride ourselves on offering value, selection, and service. Serving Southeastern Wisconsin with four showrooms that stock quality name-brand furniture, appliances, and mattresses, Colder's is sure to house exactly what you are looking for. And if you can't find it on our floors, chances are, we can order it for you. As a local, family-owned company, we are always doing our best to provide the highest value at the lowest cost to everyone who walks through our doors.

Colder's is committed not only to continuously offering can't-miss sales but also to working with each customer, making sure that you take advantage of every possible markdown — that's our best price guarantee.

Shop Gas Cooktops at Colder's

Don't put off happiness — and shop cooktops online for unbeatable prices at Colder's. Our friendly experts are always happy to help you take home the right gas cooktop for your home, whether you call us at 414-476-1574 or use our online chat feature. Better yet, stop by one our Colder's locations in West Allis, Oak Creek, Delafield, and Grafton, Wisconsin to touch, see, feel, and experience home products that fulfill your dreams. Visit us today!

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