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Are Freezerless Refrigerators Good?

by Colder’s Appliance

The Thermador T36IR905SP freezerless refrigerator with a matching freezer in a modern kitchen

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About Freezerless Refrigerators

Pros and Cons of Freezerless Refrigerators

Luxury Kitchen Designs

Top 4 Freezerless Refrigerators

Why Trust Us?

When it comes to a luxury kitchen, top of the line appliances are non-negotiable both for their sleek style and advanced features. As you browse refrigeration options for your luxury kitchen, a freezerless refrigerator is an appliance worth considering. One of these specialty refrigerators is an excellent way to create a customized kitchen layout, maximize refrigerator storage space, and keep all of your culinary favorites fresh and easily accessible.

But not so fast. There are still pros and cons of freezerless refrigerators. Luckily, we’ll give you the details, as we highlight the signatures of luxury kitchen design, and recommend four of our favorite freezerless refrigerators from Colder’s.

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About Freezerless Refrigerators

A black modern luxury kitchen with wood accents

A freezerless refrigerator is a sleek, customizable appliance option regularly found luxury kitchens. As the name suggests, freezerless refrigerators do not have a frozen food compartment, hence why they’re also go by a refrigerator with no freezer. (You might also hear a freezerless refrigerator referred to as a column refrigerator.) This design focuses solely on providing refrigeration space for storing fresh food and beverages. Far removed from the mini fridge of your college days, imagine a simple and refined refrigerator that you can seamlessly integrate with your cabinetry for a custom look. Freezerless refrigerators come in stainless steel, designer colors, and panel-ready options, so they’re really customizable and are able to work with a variety of kitchen interior design styles.

The biggest appeal of a column refrigerator is that homeowners can purchase a column refrigerator and freezer set and choose whether to install them side by side or at different places throughout the kitchen. The world of possibilities opens once you decide to buy individual pieces, and your kitchen layout ideas can be endless with the addition of a column fridge. You can even incorporate an under the counter refrigerator, a wine cooler built into your island, and various freezer options.

Ultimately, freezerless refrigerators—aka column refrigerators—are a staple of luxury kitchen design. Here are common specs to consider if you’re interested in adding one to your kitchen.


A freezerless refrigerator is typically between 22 and 34 inches wide, but some models measure up to 36 inches and wider. Naturally, the wider the model, the higher the price. Because these refrigerators exist as built-in units, they also run taller than freestanding models. Be sure to measure your cabinet cutout to ensure you have enough room to install a freezerless refrigerator in your kitchen.


Freezerless refrigerators typically range in price from $1000 to $4000, depending on what size and brand you choose. Additionally, buyers have to budget for the cost to install a refrigerator column.

Pros and Cons of Freezerless Refrigerators

Let’s look at the pros and cons of freezerless refrigerators so we can answer the question, “Are freezerless refrigerators good?”.

Freezerless Refrigerator Pros

✅ Extra Storage Space: With the absence of a freezer, you have more room to organize and store your favorite ingredients, snacks, and meals.

✅ Customizable Layout: Freezerless refrigerators often come with adjustable shelves and compartments, allowing you to personalize the interior layout according to your needs. You can easily accommodate larger or irregularly shaped items without being limited by freezer compartments. For those who love organizing, this is a dream!

✅ Energy Efficiency: Since freezerless refrigerators don't have a freezer to maintain at freezing temperatures, they tend to consume less energy compared to traditional refrigerators with freezers. This can result in cost savings on your electricity bill. You can find a variety of ENERGY STAR certified freezerless refrigerators at Colder’s.

✅ Flexible Design: Freezerless refrigerators are available in a range of styles, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to choose a design that matches your kitchen aesthetics and complements your designer kitchen.

Freezerless Refrigerator Cons

✖ Lack of Freezer Space: The most obvious drawback of freezerless refrigerators is the absence of a freezer compartment. However, this is easily solved by choosing a complementary column freezer, although that means an extra expense.

✖ Higher Cost: Freezerless refrigerators, especially high-end models with advanced features, can be more expensive than their traditional counterparts. However, they are typically more energy-efficient so you can save money on utility bills, and they last longer because of their quality material and designs. They also add to the resale potential of your home.

Luxury Kitchen Designs

black modern luxury kitchen with wood accents

Freezerless refrigerators are often utilized in luxury and custom kitchen designs for a number of reasons. A custom kitchen isn’t complete without a luxury refrigerator. Why is a freezerless refrigerator a must-have appliance?


Freezerless refrigerators are commonly found in higher-end kitchen designs because they offer a greater level of customization. These refrigerators often come with adjustable shelves, drawers, and compartments, allowing homeowners to create a personalized layout that fits their specific storage needs. This customization feature adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall kitchen design.

Premium Features

Freezerless refrigerators fall under the luxury segment and come equipped with premium features and advanced technologies. These may include touchscreen controls, smart connectivity, temperature-controlled zones, humidity control, and advanced air purification systems. These high-end features enhance the functionality and convenience of the refrigerator, making it a desirable addition to luxury kitchen designs.

Streamlined Design Aesthetics

Luxury kitchen designs emphasize sleek and seamless aesthetics, and freezerless refrigerators often align with this design philosophy. They can be integrated into custom cabinetry with paneling that matches the surrounding kitchen décor, creating a cohesive and streamlined look. This integrated kitchen look allows the refrigerator to blend seamlessly with the overall kitchen design, adding to the luxurious feel.

Extra Refrigeration Space

Freezerless refrigerators provide additional refrigeration capacity, which can be a desirable feature for those who prioritize fresh food storage. They are great for individuals and families who value high-quality ingredients, enjoy cooking and entertaining, and require ample space for fresh food storage. The added storage capacity of a freezerless refrigerator aligns with these needs.

Brand Reputation

Luxury kitchen designs often incorporate appliances from reputable and prestigious brands known for their quality, innovation, and style. Luxury brands sell designer refrigerators. Freezerless refrigerators offered by these brands are typically designed and manufactured to the highest standards, further enhancing their association with luxury kitchen designs.

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Top 4 Freezerless Refrigerators

Keep reading for four of the top refrigerators with no freezer from Colder’s. We love these refrigerator no freezer layouts that allow homeowners and interior designs to get creative with food storage and the look and flow of a kitchen.

Danby 11.0 Cu. Ft. Scartlett Red Metallic Standard Depth Column Refrigerator

 Front view of the Danby DAR110A3LDB column refrigerator in a red metallic finish

Shop This Danby Freezerless Refrigerator

This Danby all refrigerator is for those who dare to be bold with a fiery red finish that’s sure to be the wow-factor in the right kitchen. Modern and retro style meet with this unique piece. Bright red and chrome details on the outside beautifully contrast with its black interior. This model comes with an ENERGY STAR rating with enough room for moderate fresh food storage needs. Organize food on three full width glass shelves with stylish chrome trim and five integrated door shelves that include tall bottle storage.

FORNO Rizzuto 13.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Column Refrigerator

 Front view off the FORNO Rizzuto collection column refrigerator

Shop This FORNO Freezerless Refrigerator

Forno aimed to create a state-of-the-art refrigerator at a fraction of current retail prices, and they delivered with this beautiful and sleek column refrigerator. You can organize your ingredients for easy retrieval with this refrigerator’s interchangeable shelves, drawers, and door shelves. With nearly 14 cubic feet of storage, this all refrigerator model ventures into the full-size refrigerator category, so you can enjoy spacious storage options.

Frigidaire Professional 18.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel All Refrigerator

 The Frigidaire Professional FPRU19F8WF column refrigerator with a matching freezer in a kitchen

Shop This Frigidaire Professional Freezerless Refrigerator

This Frigidaire column refrigerator is perfect for a streamlined and simple kitchen design with its smooth stainless steel front and long pro-style handle. It is a counter depth model so that it sits flush with your cabinets. Inside, an innovative cooling system reacts quickly to temperature fluctuation to keep your produce and ingredients as fresh as possible. You can fit up to sesven bags of groceries and organize them for convenient access whether they’re best suited for a drawer, shelf, crisper, or door bin.

In order to keep a minimalistic aesthetic, the water dispenser is on the inside, and you can rest assured your water is safe with the PurePour water filter. This ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator also features a sabbath mode, digital temperature controls, and convenient auto-close doors.

Featured Frigidaire Professional FPRU19F8WF review:We bought two of these to look like a freezer/fridge combo but both are fridges. They are the perfect amount of space. Make sure you buy the kit to reverse the other handle. We love them!”

Electrolux 19 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Column Refrigerator

 The Electrolux EI33AR80WS freezerless refrigerator with a matching freezer in a kitchen

Shop This Electrolux Freezerless Refrigerator

This Electrolux column refrigerator boasts a sleek look that showcase’s Electrolux’s Scandinavian design. This energy efficient pick is truly spacious with more storage than even a luxury side by side or bottom freezer refrigerator. It is an elegant pick for families who love fresh food, quality ingredients, with upgrades like TasteLock, LuxCool cooling system, and in internal water dispenser.

Featured Electrolux EI33AR80WS review: “The Electrolux Refrigerator/Freezer side by side is fabulous. We love it. Not only is it perfect with all of its extra spacing, but the looks have turned our kitchen into a gourmet masterpiece. We can't be happier with its counter depth and sleek design. It really does make our kitchen something special.”

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Freezerless refrigerators are a great option for a luxury kitchen where you want to have freedom to customize your appliance layout. For those who desire more storage and a beautifully organized fridge, freezerless refrigerators answer the call. Form and function are critical, and you can find both qualities in a freezerless refrigerator at Colder’s, the best place to shop for a refrigerator in Milwaukee.

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