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Double Oven Electric Ranges: Best Brands

by Colder’s Appliance

A person inserting two cherry pies on the bottom oven of the LG LDE4413ST double oven range

At a Glance:

What is a Double Oven Electric Range?

Double Oven Range vs Single Oven Range

Double Oven Electric Range Pros and Cons

5 Best Double Oven Electric Range Brands

5 Top Rated Double Oven Electric Ranges


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A double oven electric range offers a culinary solution that combines convenience and versatility to create a modern kitchen. With dual oven compartments, these appliances provide the ability to simultaneously cook multiple dishes at different temperatures, allowing for efficient meal preparation and flexibility during gatherings or daily cooking routines. Whether you're an avid home chef or a busy household manager, a double oven electric range offers a number of benefits that cater to various culinary needs and preferences.

Along with discussing the benefits of a double oven electric range, we’re taking a deeper look into the appeal of these appliances and whether they hype or fluff. Then, we’ll highlight a few of the best double oven electric range brands and models you can find at Colder’s.

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What is a Double Oven Electric Range?

The Samsung NE63A6751SS double oven electric range in a kitchen

A range (a.k.a. a stove) is one of the most common kitchen appliances, and chances are you seen and probably cook on a single oven range. This is the traditional stove design with a cooktop above and an oven below. For many, this is a convenient solution because it provides the function of two appliances on a single footprint.

Take it one step further and you have the double oven electric range (also known as a dual oven electric range), or an electric range with two ovens in a single unit. The term “double ovens” likely brings to mind a picture of two full-sized ovens, but a double oven electric range is the size of a standard single oven range with two compartments split between the usual capacity of a range oven.

Double Oven Range vs Single Oven Range

For those who prefer simplicity and routine, a single oven range may be the more straightforward option. You’ll have less cooking capacity and flexibility, users also don’t have to worry about setting the right temperature and cooking mode for the right oven.  Single ovens also tend to be less expensive than double oven ranges, making them the preferred choice for most households. The double oven ranges we’ll highlight below follow standard size dimensions, so a double or single oven range should be able to fit into your existing kitchen layout as long as it is suited to fit a 30” range.

Double Oven Electric Range Pros and Cons

When it comes to double oven range pros and cons, other than cost and installation, they beat out single oven electric ranges on almost every count. Whether you are an amateur cook or an ambitious home chef, there are many benefits of a double oven range.


✅ Cooking Flexibility: The primary advantage of a double oven electric range is the ability to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. This is especially beneficial during holidays or when preparing multi-course meals.

✅ Time Efficiency: With two oven compartments, you can save time by cooking different dishes concurrently, reducing overall cooking time.

✅ Convection Cooking: Many double oven electric ranges come equipped with convection features in one or both ovens. Convection cooking can lead to more even cooking and quicker results.

✅ Versatility: Some models have flexible options, allowing you to convert the larger oven into a single, spacious oven when needed. You can utilize multiple oven functions at once, depending on the cooking technique you need. You can keep food warm in one compartment while cooking in the other.

✅ Energy Efficiency: If you are heating up a smaller meal, you can opt for a smaller oven. Heating up a single oven for a small meal would use more energy.


✖ Cost: Double oven electric ranges are more expensive compared to single oven ranges due to the added oven compartment and features.

✖ Installation: Installing a double oven electric range may be more complicated or costly than installing a single oven.

✖  If one oven breaks, you have less baking capacity than a single oven range.

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5 Best Double Oven Electric Range Brands

Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, LG, and KitchenAid are some of the best brand of electric range double oven lines, each with its own unique value proposition, and several of these brands merit top honors in customer satisfaction. According to a recent American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, LG took the top spot for customer satisfaction in household appliances. Whirlpool and Samsung tied for second place. LG also took the top spot in the oven category.

According to the latest J.D. Power U.S. Appliance Satisfaction Study, Samsung took the top spot for cooktops, followed by Whirlpool. Samsung also took the top spot among freestanding ranges, followed by LG and Whirlpool. Meanwhile, KitchenAid took the top spot for wall ovens, followed by Whirlpool.

That’s all to say these brands consistently rank high in their class, so purchasing a double oven range—which might come with some hesitation for some buyers—is less of a worry.

Let’s highlight some key features of each brand:

Brand Features

The Whirlpool logo

Whirlpool is dedicated to helping families thrive. Whirlpool has been creating innovative, convenient, and reliable appliances since 1911. Additionally, Whirlpool appliances are affordable, so buyers interested in a double oven electric range at a bargain price are encouraged to explore the Whirlpool line.

 The Maytag logo

Maytag is known for manufacturing dependable kitchen and laundry appliances with impressive warranties. They embrace the tough, hard-working spirit of American dependability. Although Maytag is owned by Whirlpool, the two brands remain distinct.

The Samsung logo

Samsung is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices, but their history in appliances dates back to the 1970s. They are known for staying ahead of the curve and incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their appliances and other devices, and that means tech-forward homes can find smart double oven electric ranges from this line.

The LG logo

LG is known for equipping home appliances with innovative technologies. This makes sense because they manufacture everything from washing machines to home theater systems to computer monitors. Many of their home appliances feature smart technology that you can access with the ThinQ app, including several models across its double oven electric range lineup. This is another great choice if smart appliances are in your wheelhouse.

The KitchenAid logo

KitchenAid is dedicated to inspiring home cooks to explore more with kitchen appliances equipped with hot features and beautiful designs. Like Maytag, Whirlpool also owns KitchenAid, but the sister line serves as an affordable luxury series for buyers who want the next level of performance without breaking the bank.

5 Top Rated Double Oven Electric Ranges

With a mountain of double oven electric range reviews from each brand, these five models are some of the most impressive available on the market today. Take a look at what each one offers to see if it’s a fit for your home and lifestyle.

Whirlpool 30” Stainless Steel Free Standing Double Oven Electric Range

Front view of the Whirlpool WGE745C0FS double oven electric range

Shop This Whirlpool Double Oven Range

This Whirlpool double oven electric range helps to speed up and simplify your culinary life. On busy nights, you can use rapid preheat or even skip preheating with Frozen Bake Technology. If you’re new to convection cooking, Convection Conversion will do the math to help you convert traditional recipes to convection cooking. That way you can enjoy the crispy and evenly cooked results of convection cooking without the learning curve.

Featured Whirlpool WGE745C0FS review: When I saw this for the first time; love at first sight! I knew I had to have it! I did a complete kitchen remodel including new appliances. So of course I had to have this particular range. I knew that I would use the upper oven feature the most judging on how I use an oven in this time of life. So far that is the case. I look forward to employing the convection oven the most because I enjoyed air fryer cooking. Also, I'll be using the frozen bake feature. This looks beautiful in my new modern kitchen.”

Maytag 30” Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Free Standing Double Oven Electric Range

Front view of the Maytag MET8800FZ double oven electric range

Shop This Maytag Double Oven Range

This Maytag double oven electric range features a fingerprint resistant finish, self-cleaning setting, and shatter resistant cooktop, which makes cleaning up a breeze. There are plenty of convenient features for the busy family, like the delay bake setting, which allows you to put your dishes in the oven and program when you want your oven to turn on. For those who aren’t quite so confident in the kitchen, the Precision Cooking System uses sensor heating to ensure every meal is cooked evenly and Auto Convect Conversion helps you adapt traditional recipes to the right convection time and temperature.

Featured Maytag MET8800FZ review: “I am so happy with my new stove. I love the convection oven in the bottom. It cooks so much quicker. I am a single person so I find the small oven to be just perfect for most of my meals. It is stylish and very modern looking.”

Samsung 30” Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Slide In Induction Range

Front view of the Samsung NE63T8951SS double oven electric range

Shop This Samsung Double Oven Range

This Samsung double oven electric range perfectly aligns with Samsung’s reputation for cutting-edge technology. This range is fully Wi-Fi connected and voice-enabled, and Virtual Flame technology gives you the visual cues of gas cooking with the easy maintenance of an induction cooktop.

This recommendation stands out because this range is the best dual oven electric range if you desire an induction cooktop instead of a typical electric cooktop. You get to enjoy precise temperature control, safer cooking, and faster boiling times with induction cooking. Induction cooking is also more energy efficient, heating pots and pans directly and losing less energy in the process. This dual oven electric slide in range is a great choice for tech-savvy and eco-conscious buyers.

Featured Samsung NE63T8951SS review: We needed to replace a very well used electric range. Consumer Reports highly recommended induction cooking, so off we went to find the right stove. Well, we definitely found it. It is so easy to control the heat; it has a double oven; it can air fry and dehydrate! It's everything we'd hoped for and more.”

LG 30” Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Range

Front view of the LG LDE4413ST double oven electric range

Shop This LG Double Oven Range

This LG double oven electric range fits a standard 30” range opening but has the largest capacity oven in its class, measuring 7.3 cu. ft. This is a great range for the ambitious home chef. LG ProBake Convection helps you deliver evenly baked results with every batch of cookies, loaf of bread, or casserole dish. Meanwhile, the cooktop features LG’s fastest boil and allows you to match the element size to your cookware, which conserves energy. Then, when the meal is over and it’s time to clean up your feast, LG EasyClean only takes 10 minutes to make your oven spotless again.

Featured LG LDE4413ST review: “We have had our stove for about 3 years now and it is still working wonderfully. Oven is fantastic and the convection oven is great, could not have gotten a better oven.”

KitchenAid 30” Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Double Oven Range

Front view of the KitchenAid KFED500ESS double oven electric range

Shop This KitchenAid Double Oven Range

This KitchenAid double oven electric range is available in stainless steel, black stainless steel, or white to match your kitchen aesthetic. This top rated double oven electric range with more than 700 5-star reviews boasts a sleek design that echoes the look of a professional oven. On the stovetop, you can utilize five cooking elements, plus a warming zone so you can keep your dish warm while other elements are coming together.

Like other recommended models, this convection oven helps you convert traditional recipes. The Even-Heat True Convection helps you achieve crispy and evenly heated results so you can delight your family and impress guests.

Featured KitchenAid KFED500ESS review: The cooktop is well designed - the burners responsive and dependable. The ovens are well insulated with even heat. Preheat is quick. It is easy to clean. I love to cook and this range is right for our home.”

Double oven electric ranges give you more flexibility in the kitchen. For elaborate meals or busy weeknight dinners, convenient features like rapid preheat and convection cooking can help you get a delicious dinner on the table. Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, LG, and KitchenAid offer stylish, innovative options that each cater to different personal preferences, like induction cooking or faster boiling times. Stop by one of our Milwaukee locations to browse double oven electric ranges in person at Colder’s.


How long does a range last?

The life expectancy of a range is 13 to 15 years.

Where to find double oven electric ranges near me?

If you live in the Milwaukee area, you can find double oven electric ranges at Colder’s throughout any of our Milwaukee appliance stores.

What is the difference between double ovens and a double oven electric range?

Double ovens are two separate, full-sized oven units installed into a wall that do not combine with a cooktop to create a range. A double oven electric range combines an cooktop with two oven compartments in a single space.

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