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Whether you decide to take your purchases with you today or schedule a delivery with us, we are here to help you get your merchandise into your home so you can start enjoying your selection. The following information will help to answer any questions you may have regarding your pick-up or delivery.

Let Us Deliver Your Merchandise Right to Your Door

General Delivery FAQ

A successful delivery requires your help. Please review the following frequently asked questions to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your delivery, to make the process go smoothly.

  1. I have decided to have my purchases delivered to my home. Do you deliver to my area?

    Please refer to our Wisconsin delivery zone map to see if we deliver to your area. You can contact our Customer Care Department at 414-476-3610 for rates and delivery days to your area.

  2. What days do you deliver to my area?

    Click Here to see more detailed information regarding delivery charges.

  3. Can I pay the delivery drivers the balance due on my account, upon delivery?

    Delivery drivers do not carry money so we are not able to accept COD's. All balances must be paid 48 hours prior to delivery.

  4. How do I know what time my delivery will arrive, the day my delivery is scheduled?

    You can obtain your approximate three (3) hour delivery time frame by calling our Customer Care Department at 414-476-3610. Please call after noon the day prior to your delivery.

  5. Can I request a time of day for my delivery to be made?

    No, due to the large volume of deliveries and routing efficiency, we unfortunately cannot accommodate requests for morning, afternoon, or specific time stops.

  6. What do I need to do before my delivery arrives?

    Prepare to receive your new merchandise by clearing your hallways and entryways of any obstructions (i.e.: furniture, wall hangings). Also, please secure all pets prior to the arrival of our delivery drivers. No deliveries can be made through windows, or over balconies above ground level. However, if a ground level delivery through a window needs to be made, you are responsible for removal of the window. Our delivery drivers will not do this. You must also remove any snow or ice or any other obstacles that may hinder our delivery people. Our goal is to keep our delivery team and your purchase safe.

  7. Can my delivery man assist me by moving my existing merchandise from the room?

    Yes, however there is a charge associated with this service and it must be prearranged and paid for at the time of purchase of your new merchandise.

  8. Can I cancel my delivery? We understand that scheduling conflicts may occur.

    Please call our Customer Care Department at 414-476-3610, at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled delivery date to reschedule your delivery. Anything less than that and you will be charged that delivery fee. A scheduled delivery cannot be cancelled without a 48-hour notice.

  9. What happens if my delivery arrives and I am not home?

    If you are not home for a scheduled delivery you will still be charged for that delivery. If you reschedule your delivery, you will be charged another delivery fee which is payable prior to delivery.

  10. I have to be at work during my delivery, can my son or daughter receive my delivery?

    Someone 18 years or older must be home to accept delivery. They will be required to sign for the delivery and also sign an inspection report regarding the delivery.

  11. There were some problems that occurred during my delivery?

    You will receive a call from our Customer Care Center after your delivery has been completed in order to insure your satisfaction.

  12. Can the weather affect my delivery?

    This is Wisconsin and we do have a variety of weather, some which may affect your delivery. In the event of a snowstorm, your delivery may have to be rescheduled due to the snow and ice. Also, please be aware that our delivery drivers will be unable to deliver your merchandise if your driveway or the path to your doors are not clear of snow and ice. We value our delivery teams and their safety is our primary concern.

  13. I noticed after the delivery drivers left my home, a scratch on the corner of my wall?

    Our delivery teams try to be as careful as possible not to damage your home during a delivery. However, from time to time there may be minor damage due to their trying to maneuver some of these large pieces of furniture into tight spots. Prior to the delivery teams departure, you will be asked to sign an inspection sheet, which states whether or not any damaged occurred during delivery. Delivery damage to your home must be reported within 5 days of the delivery. We will not accept any service order regarding delivery damage that is not reported within 5 days of the delivery.

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Appliance Delivery FAQ

  1. Can my old appliances be removed by the delivery drivers when they are delivering my new appliances?

    Yes, however there is a charge associated with this service and it must be prearranged and paid for at the time of purchase of your new merchandise. If we are hauling away, the pieces must be in Sanitary condition and any remaining water must be drained.

  2. Automatic Washers

    Colder's will unpack, level and connect to hot and cold water faucet IF within reach of four (4) foot hoses provided by the manufacturer. Drain hook up to laundry tub or stand pipe 36" off the floor and plug electrical cord into outlet within reach of machine. We will perform a short cycle wash to insure proper working order. Old washer must be drained. To avoid damage to plumbing if existing hoses are rusted or limed, customer will be responsible for removing the hoses.

  3. Electric Dryer or Range


    Unpack, level and plug new Colder's electric 30 amp cord into outlet within reach of machine. We will perform a short run and check for proper working order. Hook-up only to rigid existing metal venting. Colder's will not hook up dryer to plastic ribbed venting.


    Unpack, level and plug new Colder's electric 40 amp cord into outlet within reach of unit.

  4. Gas Dryers or Ranges

    Unpack, level and connect Colder's gas flex-line to an existing gas shut-off valve within reach of unit. Gas shut-off valve must be above floor and within 36" of gas range or dryer. Colder's delivery personnel will not hook-up appliances to copper gas tubing. Hook-up only to rigid existing metal venting. Colder's will not hook up dryer to plastic ribbed venting.


    Unpack, level and plug unit into 3-prong outlet where provided. Will switch door swing to desired side if requested 48 hours prior to delivery date. Waterlines will only be hooked up if already existing and are copper. Plastic water lines will not be hooked up to new refrigerators. Delivery personnel cannot place old refrigerators outside due to potential safety hazard.


    Unpack and set in place. Electrical cords plugged into outlets where provided. Oversized commercial type product that requires more than two (2) people to deliver is excluded. This service may be available at an additional charge.


    Will be dropped off in the box only. Colder's will provide customers with available outside installers who can set up installation of products at an extra charge.


    Refer to separate brochure.

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Pick-Ups Are Easy at Colder's

Frequently Asked Pick-Up Questions and Information

Please review the following frequently asked questions to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your pick-up, to make the process go smoothly. Remember, 'Take With' arrives at your home when you do!

  1. When and Where can I pick-up my purchase?

    If the merchandise you purchased is in-stock, at the location in which you are shopping, it goes home with you today. If not, your sales associate can tell you which of our other locations your merchandise may be available for pick-up. If you choose to pick up your merchandise at another time, or location, please be aware that you need to schedule a specific date and location with our Customer Care Department at 414-476-3610. If the merchandise is located at one of our other locations you can either go to that location to pick it up or have it shuttled to another of our locations of your choice. Please allow 24 hours for your merchandise to be shuttled, free of charge to another of our locations of your choice for pick-up. Please allow an extra day for holidays. It also is best to call ahead and make sure your merchandise will be ready for you to pick up at the location you specified. If you do not set-up a specific date and location, your merchandise may not be waiting for you.

  2. What type of paper work do I need to pick-up my purchase?

    Please make sure you have a photo ID and the original receipt would be helpful and speed-up locating your purchase in our computer, but not necessary. We just need to know the phone number under which the purchase was entered into our computers.

  3. What type of vehicle do I need to pick-up my purchase?

    The vehicle in which you decide to transport your purchase, should be one in which your purchase fits safely and securely inside. Colder's will not be responsible for loss/damages that may occur once your merchandise leaves our warehouse. If you are concerned about whether or not you can safely transport your purchases on your own, please contact our Customer Care Department at 414-476-3610 to schedule a delivery to your home.

  4. Can you help me load my purchase into my vehicle?

    Sure! Our warehouse crew can help you load your purchase into your vehicle and safely secure it. However, if we feel you are transporting your merchandise in an unsafe manner, we will not assist you in loading or securing your purchase and recommend that you not transport your own purchase.

  5. My merchandise is not in-stock and had to be ordered. How do I know when my merchandise is in your warehouse and ready for pick-up?

    Any merchandise not in stock that is ordered for our customers is shipped directly to our Distribution Center in West Allis. Your salesperson will call you when your merchandise arrives in our warehouse. You can then contact our Customer Care Department at 414-476-3610 and schedule a date and which of our locations you would like to pick up your merchandise. Please remember we require a 24 hour window (extra time for holidays) to ensure that your merchandise has been transferred to store location you have chosen.

  6. How long do I have to pick up my purchase?

    Please arrange a pick-up within Seven (7) days. After (7) days, unclaimed merchandise is subject to release.

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